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Intermodal Transit Hub


Transit Hub Axon

The design of the intermodal transit hub investigates the intersections of local mobility, vegetation, and microtopography. The building itself contains fluid breaks in its otherwise rigid structure based on the meter of the adjacent I-10.

Water Filtration

Water filtration systems retrofit the existing infrastructure of I-10 to help mitigate stormwater buildup. Furthermore, the design’s fluidity allows for cracks of green space and water filtration within the building’s envelope, as well as light wells on the interior.
Exploded Axon

The rhythm of curves and cracks in the bays of the hub creates a template for vegetation paths continuing across the building site. The increase of vegetation also generates natural pathways for traversing the site and reaching the edge of the nearby Inner Harbor Navigation Canal. 

Inside the Curve


Inside the Curve
This design follows the urban planning project at the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal.