Location: New Orleans, LA  
Medium:   Digital
Intermodal Transit Hub

Located in the coastal climate of New Orleans, Louisiana, this design first proposes a water management masterplan and then focuses on the addition of an intermodal transit hub—a much needed public amenity.

Due to climate change, coastal regions experience an urgent need for increased shoreline protection and passive flood preparation. Given these conditions, this masterplan centers on flood mitigation and cultivation of biodiversity around the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC). The masterplan schematically builds from the notion of ecotone—referring to the overlap of two ecosystems which creates interstitial surface area for generating biodiversity. By allowing the shoreline to meander melodically, the IHNC moves beyond its hard edges and curves organically to cultivate biodiverse ecosystems on the water’s edge.

The existing mobility conditions in the New Orleans metropolitan area tend to prioritize the automobile, which creates economic and environmental burdens for the city. These burdens fall unequally in the area surrounding the IHNC, as it lacks connected modes of transit which leads to the residents’ isolation from the Greater New Orleans area. Positioned on the upper West edge of the IHNC and straddling the underbelly of Interstate-10, this intermodal transit hub aims to improve mobility conditions and generate new ecotones for biodiversity.

Formally, the building consists of undulating bays ideal for the placement of railways and the overlap of interior and exterior ecosystems. These bays separate from one another in fluid patterns, weaving through an otherwise rigid structure based on the meter of Interstate-10. Pockets of green space allow for conditions of planned flooding on the exterior while acting as experiential light wells on the interior. The building also engages with the adjacent Interstate-10 through conjoining rainwater collection pathways. Overall, the design promotes equal access to mobility resources while also supporting the propagation of biodiversity.